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Winners are never quitters and quitters are never winners. Time becomes tougher every moment we move forward. When we become tough, tough gets going. Prepare yourself to face new challenges at every step of life. Society has become highly competitive and to keep abreast with the dynamism of global scenario is a real challenge. Face every new challenge in life with courage and conviction and history will be yours. Turn the thorns into flowers.

Yes, never forget to be a part of the race with the attitude of true sportsmanship. Only the Values and Sanskars will help you retain what you achieve in life. Your scientific temper seasoned with human values will catapult you to the zenith of life and this is what the present time demands. A good human being has become a far cry in this 21st century of materialistic world. Be and feel in tandem with nature. Don’t run away from the mother earth.

This is an honest commitment from your Principal and teachers to provide you with every possible support and care for your scholastic and co scholastic excellence and you will find we are there with you in the course of your journey. Start with 100% positive attitude and the time belongs to you.

All my good wishes…

Bringing up a child is really a herculean task in the present global set up where every child has an exposure to all good and bad knowledge / information. Now this is the concern of every parent how to shield the child from the change lest s/he should go astray. This is good but consider, we, parents have to keep up with the time and pace and shed the pragmatic views of life. The challenge ahead is to nurture the human souls who have come to this world through us so that they don’t become a disease or burden on the society.

Right, we must remember that we can give the child our love and care but not our thoughts. Every child is unique and to nurture him/her retaining the innate uniqueness is the real task for us. Home, school and society are collectively responsible in molding the child and the parent’s role is atop as the child spends almost 18 hours of a day with the parents. Inculcate in your child healthy food and social habits. Lend a patient ear to your child and check his/her diary, uniform and get up every day. Your co-operation and feedback are our assets to make your child a successful and valuable son/daughter for the family and worthy citizen for the country. We are always with you. This is a candid assurance from all of us.

Deep Regards………

Understand that 21st century has redefined the Teacher`s role and the Teacher- Taught relationship has undergone a sea change. Please realize that every student is a beautiful flower of our garden and the man making factory has the onus of preserving the culture, values with inculcation of scientific temper so that we do not lag behind. Infinite patience is required for a teacher. Never be vindictive because you are worshipped as God. “GURU SAKSHYAT PARAM BRAHMA, TASMAYEESRI GURABE NAMAH” We must have all the rare values in us then we can expect the same in our students.

Teachers are role model for the students. Let us make this our mantra: “Self change, world change”

We are called “Brahma”. Make ourselves update with knowledge and technology and the respect from the children and society will flow automatically. Be an epitome of truth and virtues because a true teacher can bring a change in this world. Understand every child , handle him/her with love, care and caution. A single harsh or negative remark can cause havoc in a student. Be punctual and time bound, work with a target and sharpen professional skills. As an ideal teacher our work/words must leave an imprint in the minds of our students and this will make us immortal.

Please go through the letter written by the great American President Abraham Lincoln to the teacher of his son and I am sure you will find it very inspiring and motivating.


HOD of Department of Science


M.Sc (Phy) B.Ed, DCA, CTET

She supervises all the academic and non-academic aspects of STD-IX and XII. She also acts as a Head of Science Department.




She supervises all the Curricular and Co-curricular activities of STD-III to VIII.

Mrs. Shakti Nibedita Jena


M.A. (Eng) B.Ed, OTET, CTET

She supervises all the Curricular and Co-curricular activities of all the classes from Pre-LKG to STD-II.