Kinder Garten

The most wonderful place to be is where one is surrounded by vibrant colours, laughter, innocence, animated and eager faces. Every child, who takes the first step in the school, is not a pupil for us but a 'bud' waiting to be nurtured, cared for with tenderness and love to bloom into a fragrant flower bringing joy. Learning, provided here is comprehensive and activity oriented. An ambience of comfort and security of a home is visible, which is credited to the gentle and protective teaching staff, who help each child to develop to the fullest.


The academic year is full of excitement with myriad activities, along with learning the basics which form the roots of further learning. The calendar is packed with cultural programs like fancy dress, plays and competitions of various kinds. Birthdays are celebrated with a card from the Principal and they participate in the Havan celebrations held every Saturday. In addition, every festival is celebrated to teach the importance of being 'One'.

Morning Assembly

The kindergarten have their own assembly on specific days under the guidance of their teachers. The students are initiated into discipline and the importance of praying.

Video Library
The school has a special room where the students can view programs of their interest on TV and also has a well stocked library of Cartoons, Fairy tales and other stories of their interest.

Healthy Living Healthy Eating
Along with teaching them the tenets of healthy living the students are taught the goodness of eating healthy, whereby wholesome meal planners are handed to the parents for the entire week. It is a delight to watch them eat and enjoy the spirit of sharing.

Though, there is no formal examination assessment system but regular interactions with parents/guardian are conducted on a regular basis, and a Personality Development Profile of each child is meticulously maintained for corrective measures.


HOD of Department of Science


M.Sc (Phy) B.Ed, DCA, CTET

She supervises all the academic and non-academic aspects of STD-IX and XII. She also acts as a Head of Science Department.




She supervises all the Curricular and Co-curricular activities of STD-III to VIII.

Mrs. Shakti Nibedita Jena


M.A. (Eng) B.Ed, OTET, CTET

She supervises all the Curricular and Co-curricular activities of all the classes from Pre-LKG to STD-II.